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MWAETC Resources

Some recommended online resources related to HIV AIDS

Be "In the Know" About Your HIV Medications

This laminated pocket card explains drug-drug interactions between antiretrovirals and other classes of medications.

First Visits Basics - Initiating Care for the HIV-Infected Patient

A 5x7,16-page reference guide for primary care providers initiating care for HIV-infected patients. 

HIV & Tobacco Use

This 5x7,17-page guide covers pharmacological and behavioral methods that clinicians can use to help their patients quit using tobacco based products.

HIV Medication Chart

Features all currently approved antiretroviral drugs. The pad has 50 tear-off sheets, each of which features all currently approved antiretroviral drugs, organized by class and shown approximate size.  The reverse side of each sheet contains a dosing worksheet, which can be individualized to each patient's drug regimen and used as an educational and discussion tool.

HIV Medication Guide

A quick tri-fold visual pocket reference guide to current HIV medications, including infrequently used medications and formulations.

HIV Risk Assessment: A Quick Reference Guide

This tri-fold pocket guide is a quick reference guide for conducting HIV risk assessments. 

Oral Health Care for the HIV-Infected Patient

This 7x5, 26-page guide discusses dental management for the HIV-infected patient. 

Preconception Counseling Guide

This pocket guide is for clinicians to assist in providing family planning and reproductive counseling to female patients and partners. 

Prescribing PrEP for HIV Prevention

A tri-fold pocket guide for medical providers outlines indications, contraindications, how to prescribe, and other needed information to prescribe PrEP. Created by the Cascade AIDS Project and the Oregon AETC. To localize content, contact Dayna Morrison at 

Retention in HIV Care: A Clinician's Guide to Patient-Centered Strategies

This 5x7,17-page guide helps clinicians and clinic staff to retain HIV-infected patients in care. The guide features strategies, practical tips and teaching tools.