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The Anchorage-based Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) has been the primary Alaskan organization to offer HIV clinical care and treatment and HIV clinical education and training in Alaska since 2002.  The ANTHC HIV clinic is the only tribally-operated Ryan White Part C HIV clinic in the country.  Non-tribal beneficiaries residing outside Anchorage and tribal beneficiaries living anywhere in Alaska are eligible for ANTHC HIV clinical consultation, case management and limited care.  ANTHC care coordinators are located in Anchorage, Bethel and Fairbanks. 

ANTHC’s HIV clinical team serves a dual role as AETC educators and mentors. ANTHC HIV program collaborators include the State of Alaska HIV/STD Program; the Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association (Ryan White Part B) and the Interior AIDS Association for social services and drug assistance; the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center - the urban Anchorage Part C HIV care provider; local and statewide government public health agencies; clinics; clinicians and health care professional associations across Alaska. 

ANTHC is a non-profit tribal health organization designed to meet the unique health needs of Alaska Native and American Indian people living in Alaska through partnerships within the Alaska Tribal Health System and federal and state partners. ANTHC is a past recipient of a Special Project of National Significance Research Grant (SPNS). With over 2,500 employees, ANTHC is the largest and most comprehensive tribal health organization in the United States. Besides co-managing the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC), ANTHC operates an EpiCenter, a Community Health Aide Training Center, a Behavioral Health Aide program, wellness programs, disease research and prevention, and rural provider training. ANTHC also provides environmental health projects for tribes located off the road system, including building rural water/sanitation systems and health clinics. 


  • Clinical training for all Alaska tribal and non-tribal health care providers and clinics in Alaska including clinical consultations, case review, preceptorships, technical assistance, and program development 
  • Develop, coordinate, and provide customized HIV clinical trainings including basic HIV care and treatment, testing and screening, diagnosis, PrEP, drug regimens, oral manifestations, PEP, treatment as prevention, linkage to care, and psychosocial topics like stigma, LGBTQ, cultural literacy, treating the whole patient and gender
  • Customized training for inexperienced health care professionals, pharmacists’ updates, dental staff trainings, behavioral health clinicians and Alaska village-based Community Health Aides
  • Above trainings are provided on-site and in person, via video-teleconference and/or other distance education modes and via presentations at statewide annual provider association conferences.