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***NEW DATE***

15th HIV Care in the Correctional Setting Conference

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Red Lion Hotel and  Conference Center Pasco

2525 N. 20th Avenue

Pasco, WA

The 15th HIV Care in the Correctional Setting Conference will offer updated information to clinicians providing care in the correctional setting. Experts in the field of HIV medicine will present on the following topics: What's New in HIV Care?; Medications for Opioid Use Disorder Within a Correctional Setting; and, Engaging Latinx Patients in Prison and Upon Release. 

Our featured speaker, Barry Zack from The Bridging Group and the University of California, San Francisco, will lead a discussion on "What Works in Continuity of Care?"

The Release Planner Discussion Panel will feature peer navigators and release planners who will share their experiences in assisting individuals with a successful transition to their community after they are released.

This activity is sponsored by the Mountain West AIDS Education and Training Center, a federally funded regional program.

Registration is now open.


The MWAETC is dedicated to the training needs of health care providers in the correctional setting. Our program offers a variety of training opportunities specific to correctional staff members:

  • Didactic seminars and lectures
  • On-line video trainings
  • Preceptorship program for medical providers
  • Clinical consultation
  • Technical assistance

Please contact Lara Strick for more information.

Corrections Preceptorship
Corrections Preceptorship

This two-day educational program is a prison-based preceptorship for health care providers working in corrections. Preceptees will observe and work with an HIV expert preceptor in a Washington State prison for one day and then spend one day in a large urban HIV clinic. Preceptorships will be designed to meet the specific needs of individual trainees based on their current level of experience and practice settings. Preceptors will focus on the care and treatment patients with HIV infection within the context of a comprehensive, continuum of care model.  A combination of didactic and experiential instruction will include: HIV risk assessment, HIV testing strategies, diagnosis of primary HIV and opportunistic infections, therapeutic interventions (i.e., drug treatment regimens including managing side effects, salvage therapies, and adherence strategies), release planning, treatment as prevention, and confidentiality. Instruction will also include strategies for effectively addressing patients' psychosocial needs related to mental health and substance use disorders.  Preceptees will observe at least four workups with patients being treated for HIV infection.

Continuing education credits are available as well.

For more information please see our Corrections Preceptorship page.

Corrections Resources
Corrections Resources

The following is a collection of resources on a broad range of HIV-related topics specific to working with individuals in the corrections setting who are infected with HIV or are at risk for the acquisition or transmission of HIV.