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The Colorado AIDS Education and Training Center (CAETC) is based at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and has been providing HIV education and capacity building support for health care providers statewide for over 25 years. 

The CAETC works closely with many local partners, including the Colorado Community-Based Dental Partnership Program, the Denver Prevention Training Center, the Interprofessional Education Program at the University of Colorado College of Nursing, and the Rocky Mountain Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.

The program offers a number of educational services and programs dealing with HIV infection, including HIV treatment updates held at various locations statewide. We provide training on all aspects of HIV including:

  • HIV testing
  • Linkage to care
  • Diagnosis and clinical management of HIV
  • Antiretroviral treatment 
  • Comorbidities
  • Pre/post exposure prophylaxis
  • Retention in care
  • HIV care coordination
  • Health care organization and delivery issues

Special projects include:

  • CDC’s Expanded HIV Testing Initiative – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has designated Colorado as an expanded testing jurisdiction due to documented epidemic impact and burden. As part of this initiative, the CAETC provides targeted training and technical assistance on HIV testing.


  • Customized clinical training 
  • Education programs on a broad range of HIV topics
  • Capacity building assistance
  • Practice transformation coaching
  • Clinical consultation
  • Workforce education
  • Technical assistance
  • Educational and resource materials

To learn more about current learning opportunities, download the brochure here or contact the office. 



Lisa Lawrence, MSW

Program Director
Colorado AIDS Education & Training Center
University of Colorado

Anschutz Medical Campus
12631 East 17th Avenue, MS A089
Aurora, CO 80045

Fax: 303-724-7297

MW IPE Center
MW IPE Center

Mountain West Interprofessional Education (IPE) Center

The MWAETC IPE program is designed to build HIV workforce capacity by increasing the numbers of new graduates from Health Professions Programs in Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Behavioral Health with the skills to contribute to interdisciplinary care teams and the desire to enter the HIV care workforce. Ultimately, an expanded, prepared workforce will increase access to HIV care and improve outcomes along the HIV care continuum.

The MWAETC’s IPE Project is based at the University of Colorado College of Nursing (CU Nursing) and provides training and curriculum support to faculty of health professions schools and behavioral health graduate programs This is achieved through case-based teaching methods to develop team-based care practices of integrating HIV content into a variety of existing topic areas such as linkage to care, health disparities for vulnerable and underserved populations, chronic disease management in rural areas, and medication adherence.

These activities:

  • help faculty teach students to provide high quality HIV testing, care, and prevention, and
  • incorporate interprofessional team care competencies into their teaching through technical assistance and communities of practice.

The MWAETC also facilitates interprofessional practicum experiences with a hands-on, team-based learning approach, for students who wish to gain additional experience to become future HIV care providers.

The IPE program affects change for students, faculty, and health professional programs through the use of best practices for training, student enrichment, and faculty mentoring.

IPE Project trainers consult with faculty about teaching needs and gaps, and support curriculum development to address identified needs. They use best practices, including the NCCC and the National HIV Curriculum.

Examples of IPE curricula include

  • HIV diagnosis, care, and treatment
  • Interprofessional team-based care
  • Quality improvement of HIV Care Continuum metrics
  • Care for at-risk populations
  • Motivational interviewing for treatment adherence
  • Intersectionality of opioid use disorders and HIV
  • Social determinants of health in HIV

Faculty are mentored on aspects of HIV care relevant to their primary care expertise, such as prevention, chronic care, substance use, rurality, or vulnerable groups.


Lisa Krug Avery, MSW

IPE Coordinator
Mountain West IPE Center 
University of Colorado
13120 East 19th Avenue, MS C288-18
Aurora, CO 80045