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Recent Sessions

Recent Sessions

CROI Review: Treatment Updates

Dr. Jehan Budak summarizes key study results from the CROI 2024 conference that focus on antiretroviral treatment, especially long-acting injectable cabotegravir/rilpivirine and lenacapavir.

CROI Review: Co-Occuring Conditions

Dr. Raaka Kumbhakar discusses several abstracts from the 2024 CROI Conference that focus on common co-occuring conditions for individuals with HIV, including abstracts on anal dysplasia screening, treatment of metabolic syndrome and use of GLP-1 agonists, and prevention of hepatitis B infection with new vaccines.

CROI Review: Prevention

Dr. Julie Dombrowski reviews data from the 2024 CROI Conference related to biomedical prevention of HIV and bacterial STIs, including new research on doxyPEP, meningitis vaccine to prevent gonorrhea, and HIV PrEP, including new drugs in the PrEP pipeline.

HHS Perinatal Guidelines Update

Dr. Brian Wood summarizes the most recent updates to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) perinatal HIV treatment guidelines.
What We Do
What We Do

MWAETC HIV ECHO builds the confidence and skills of health care providers (HCPs) in the MWAETC region to provide high quality HIV care to patients. Using interactive video, the weekly online sessions include a short clinical HIV update followed by real-time clinical case discussions with community providers and a multidisciplinary panel of HIV experts from infectious disease, addiction medicine, psychiatry, family medicine, pharmacy, social work and case management. Using this model, MWAETC HIV ECHO fosters mentoring relationships between the HIV expert panel and HCPs and builds peer learning and support networks across the region.

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What ECHO Participants Have to Say:

“Both my patients and I feel more confident about the care offered in our clinic now that I am able to discuss cases with ECHO experts.”

“There is no way to quantify the value of this ECHO program. It is the one HIV educational thing I look forward to attending each week. The quality of this program is most certainly due to the caliber of medical professionals managing the program and the support staff behind the scenes. I've never participated in an ECHO program like it, where I always learn something important and meaningful every week.”

“The program continues to help me stay up to date on the latest updates and guidelines to deliver the best possible care.”

“Best ECHO I’ve ever heard of/seen.”

“I so very much appreciate all the time, teaching/education and support from our MWAETC ECHO family; it's good to feel supported and have expert clinicians available for consultation.”

Join Us!
Join Us!

If you are interested in attending MWAETC HIV ECHO, please discuss your participation with our Medical Director, Brian Wood.