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Our Programs


The MWAETC and our partners are happy to work with you and provide training, clinical consultation, and and/or technical assistance to help you and your team provide culturally inclusive and clinically current HIV prevention and care services, comorbidity management and implement clinic practices designed to retain patients in care and improve health outcomes along the HIV care continuum.

Programs are offered through a variety of formats, both virtual and in-person. Note: Most in-person activities are currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

  • Case-based presentations – A clinical expert facilitates group discussion on managing complex cases, often to highlight a particular topic; cases may be generated in advance by participants or prepared by the presenter
  • Clinical consultations - Our expert clinicians provide consultation one-on-one for challenging patient care situations
  • Conferences - The MWAETC holds an annual HIV Nursing Conference and an annual HIV in Corrections Conference. A number of our states hold other conferences such as the HIV Prevention Conference and the Transgender Care conferences in Utah and the Meaningful Care conference in Oregon.
  • Interactive and Didactic Lectures – Topical presentations covering specific aspects of HIV prevention and care, comorbidity management, health care delivery systems, social determinants of health, and more, delivered by our expert presentations can be tailored for your audience. These are often designed to encourage audience participation.
  • Technical Assistance and Organizational Capacity Building - We provide longitudinal coaching, preceptorships, and hands on training to assist organizations with becoming more inclusive, trauma-informed, less biased, to streamline workflows, and to adapt to new technologies, such as telemedicine.
  • Virtual Communities of Practice - In addition to the regional HIV Project ECHO Community of Practice, a number of our states offer topical communities of practice. Communities of practice provide a consistent time and vehicle for a group of experts and peers to build relationships and learn from each other
  • Webinars - Virtual presentations that may be interactive, didactic, and/or case-based.

Continuing Education

A number of our programs offer continuing education programs for doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, and social workers. 


AIDS Clinical Conference

Presenting in a grand rounds style monthly on a range of topics. Presentation is simultaneously made in person and streamed live. Most presentations are posted for later viewing. Learn more >

Corrections Program

Building capacity of corrections health professionals to provide HIV diagnosis, treatment and continuity of care planning within the corrections setting through didactic and interactive presentations, clinical consultation, preceptorships and conferences. Learn more >

COVID-19 Response

Responding to the impact COVID-19 has had on our healthcare systems- providing timely clinical information, telemedicine training and technical assistance, and supporting staff with tools for managing stress and change. Learn more >

Dental Program

Equipping dentists and other dental health professionals to recognize and treat oral manifestations of HIV and to provide HIV screening and prevention services in the dental setting through training and technical assistance. Learn more >

Ending the HIV Epidemic

Engaging with King County health and service providers to increase HIV prevention and screening and to reduce disparities in outcomes along the HIV care continuum. Learn more >

HIV Project ECHO

Providing a virtual community of practice where providers throughout our 10-state region engage in topical learning and discussion of their cases with a panel of experts that includes specialists in HIV prevention and treatment, as well as HIV-specialty social workers, psychiatrists, addiction experts, and pharmacists. Most HIV Project ECHO didactic presentations are posted for later viewing. Learn more >

Interprofessional Professional Education

Preparing health professions students in a variety of disciplines to provide HIV care and contribute to multi-disciplinary teams. Learn more >

Multi-Cultural Initiative

Reducing stigma, addressing bias, promoting cultural humility, and creating health care environments that are inclusive, trauma-informed, and that enhance health outcomes for racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities. Learn more >

Practice Transformation

Employing longitudinal coaching and evidenced based practices in a data-driven approach to improve HIV outcomes along the care continuum. Learn more >


Offering multiple preceptorship opportunities for prescribers, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, case managers, corrections health care providers, and clinic managers to meet personal learning goals through one-on-one mentorship, live clinic and patient experience, tailored instruction. Learn more >

HIV Prevention Coaching Program

Academic detailing, also known as public health detailing, is a proven approach for increasing adoption of evidence-based practices by health care providers, leading to expanded access to equitable, inclusive, and high-quality care and better health outcomes. The model employs brief (15 minutes or less), peer-based, individualized coaching on a targeted practice area. The MWAETC offers virtual detailing services focused on PrEP provision, STI screening and treatment, and sexual history taking in Oregon and Utah. Click on one of the linked states to learn more or request a detailing visit.